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Vai Tolworth
Brazilian Festival

Corinthian-Casuals v Potters Bar

Saturday 28th September


King George's Field, Tolworth, KT6 7NA

Corinthian-Casuals hold a vital position in the development of football in Brazil and the foundation of Corinthians Paulista. Come along and support the team as they take on Potters Bar on the first day of this weekend Festival

Vai Tolworth

Sunday 29th September

12pm - 5pm

King George's Field, Tolworth, KT6 7NA

Live music, dance, stalls, food and drink as Tolworth celebrates our links with Brazil.

Procession at 2pm with professional artists and local schools. Music, face-painting and craft workshops throughout the day

Surbiton Ski Sunday &
Seething Luge

Sunday 13th October


Because of weather

Once again you have the chance to strap ice to your feet and ski down St Mark’s Hill when suburban skiing returns to Surbiton.


So why don’t you get a team of three and enter this year’s event. You can get full details by emailing 

suburbanskiing@seethingwells.org - please note you have to be over 18 to take part in this event

Click on the photo for more details

The King's Soup

Sunday 13th October

1.00pm to 4.30pm

The Lamb Public House​

73 Brighton Road, Surbiton

Why not come along and help prepare and cook The King’s Soup.

If you can bring a leek or a potato to add to the pot that would be great but don’t worry if you can’t - just come and join in the fun.


With entertainment, food and a charity bar it's an event for all ages

The King’s Soup is a simple ‘folk tale’ that highlights the positive difference an individual can make. The story tells of a selfish King who is feared by his people because he takes everything that is good. However, although his Palace is full, his heart is empty. 


Through a series of events he tastes a simple, lovingly made soup that changes his heart. He learns to appreciate the sense of achievement and joy that growing, creating and making can bring rather than just taking. Through this he begins to understand the value of friendship and community.  


Seething is a State dedicated to using creativity to bring people together. It is open to everyone join in whenever and wherever they like. We believe that by creating things and bringing people together we can release talents and energies in our community in a positive, engaging and sharing way.


Our journey began with the retelling of the legend ‘Lefi Ganderson - the Goat Boy of Mount Seething’ in 2009. Last heard in 1921 this heartwarming tale shows the triumph of good over evil and the ability of one individual to change the lives of many. It asks the question - ‘what can we do to make life better for everyone?’ You can hear and read Lefi’s story by clicking the goat boy head 




Since then the people of Seething, Surbiton have been working to develop a stronger sense of community by creating events and happenings that everyone can join in with.


Recently we opened the Museum of Futures and The Community Kitchen. Our work was recognised when we won the national 

Britain has Spirit competition.


We are now launching a project to create a Suburban Farming centre to inspire a generation transform Tolworth & Surbiton putting food onto tables, into the Community Kitchen and into the food chain. You can find out how to support by clinking on the logo below 


If you want to get involved then email 



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For any enquiries, information or questions please email: info@thecommunitybrain.org


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