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Coming up in 2020

The Seething Festival
'A Leap Year'

Saturday 29th February 2pm - 5pm

St Andrew's Square

Maple Road, KT6 4EF

This is the start of the new Seething Season - a chance for the community to come out and celebrate the Legend of Lefi Ganderson - the Goat Boy of Mount Seething. A chance to celebrate the start of Spring and it's extra special because it's a Leap Year and if Lefi taught us anything it is to use that extra day to celebrate our communities.

We want to make sure that The Seething Festival 201 20s bigger and better so make sure that you join in. The day will start around 2.00 at St Andrew’s Square, Maple Road where there will be a chance to make mask and head dresses for the Grand Procession around Seething at 3.00pm. After the procession there will be more entertainment until we end at around 5.00pm.

The British Bread Golf Open 2020

Sunday 5th April - 1pm to 3pm

Eagle Brewery Wharf

By Woodys Bar, Kingston, KT1 1HH

On elf the great events of the sporting calendar returns to Kingston and bread golfing giants from around the globe gather to pitch their skills against local talent.

If you've never played golf before then this is the game for you. It's fun, it's daft and it helps raise money for the charity Creative Youth, organisers of the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston.

Come along to watch, laugh and maybe have a go. Could you be wearing the prestigious 'Green Jacket' in 2020

Surbiton Food Festival & The Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival

The Surbiton Food Festival 2020 will take place between the 2nd and 17th May in a variety of venues throughout Surbiton and Tolworth.

The traditional three weekend events will be taking place

The Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival on the 3rd May - Details below

The Surbiton Village Fete on the 9th and 10th May

The Seething Community Sports Day on Saturday 16th May


Sunday 3rd May

1.00pm to 6pm

Claremont Gardens, KT6 4BN

Sunday 3rd May 2020 will see the 10th recreation of the Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival. Gather at Claremont Gardens from 1pm and then go down to the banks of the Thames to watch our brave fisherman and woman haul in the catch of Freshwater Sardines. From there a procession led by the four giant guinea pigs of Seething will lead the crowd to Claremont Gardens where a BBQ and entertainment will take place and more Seething visitors can join in the fun and heritage.

Find out about the history by clicking on the image


Seething is a State dedicated to using creativity to bring people together. It is open to everyone join in whenever and wherever they like. We believe that by creating things and bringing people together we can release talents and energies in our community in a positive, engaging and sharing way.


Our journey began with the retelling of the legend ‘Lefi Ganderson - the Goat Boy of Mount Seething’ in 2009. Last heard in 1921 this heartwarming tale shows the triumph of good over evil and the ability of one individual to change the lives of many. It asks the question - ‘what can we do to make life better for everyone?’ You can hear and read Lefi’s story by clicking the goat boy head 




Since then the people of Seething, Surbiton have been working to develop a stronger sense of community by creating events and happenings that everyone can join in with.


Recently we opened the Museum of Futures and The Community Kitchen. Our work was recognised when we won the national 

Britain has Spirit competition.


We are now launching a project to create a Suburban Farming centre to inspire a generation transform Tolworth & Surbiton putting food onto tables, into the Community Kitchen and into the food chain. You can find out how to support by clinking on the logo below 


If you want to get involved then email 



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For any enquiries, information or questions please email: info@thecommunitybrain.org


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